Friday, 14 December 2007


From Banking in Dubai FAQ

You'll usually need a residency visa first before you can do this although some banks will accept a letter from your employer saying that your residency visa has been applied for (your employer should be able to tell you which banks) or even a letter of introduction from a bank in your home country.

HSBC is one bank apparently (not confirmed) that does not require a residency visa to open an account. Go to the bank of your choice......

......HSBC Bank Middle East - mixed reports. Some customers are happy, some unhappy. Don't get caught by the office on Jumeirah Beach Road - it's a representative office of their offshore bank (Guernsey?), not a branch of HSBC UAE....

....HSBC is well established in the Middle East but Dubai branches are only in:
  • Bur Dubai (no parking)
  • Jebel Ali with a customer service centre in Mercato Mall on Jumeirah Beach Rd.

......HSBC has a bank presence with branches in most emirates, and also has a representative office on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai not connected with the UAE branches. You usually cannot do your normal banking activities at a representative office but they may have an ATM.

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