Friday, 15 August 2008

Al Rowad Financial Services PLC

Interesting Company to Watch

Rowad Means "Pioneers".

Al Rowad Financial Services PLC

A brokerage company at Khartoum Stock Exchange (KSE). It is the second established public company working in this field.

The Chairman of the company Mr. Abdul Rahim Hamdi twice Minister of Finance and National Economy of Sudan.
  • He established a number of banks in Sudan, and propagated a bank in the United Kingdom.
    The General Manager Dr. Hamid Al Amin, a banker, ex-manager of department of corporations in Khartoum Stock Market and Feasibility Studies and Research department manager in Al Igbal Consulting Company
  • SDG 350,000,000 on 31 of December 2007
  • Contact Us
    Tel +249 183 777222
    Fax +249 183 777116

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