Tuesday, 28 October 2008

MedMeans Saudia Arabia

Med Means Trading (MMT) is a Riyadh based service medical company, two years old
  • Quality healthcare products at an unbeatable quality and price
  • To reach out our valued customer/ endorser in order to understand their needs and to mobilize all our means and resources to supply the right products at right prices at the right time an objective to help the suffering patient in his critical time of need.

    Med Means Trading

    Future Plans:

    As expressed earlier, MMT has highly ambitious plans to add more and more dedicated, efficient and result oriented professionals to its existing team in order to further strengthen and potentate this component to meet the fast growing challenges of the future markets.
We also have plans to create new departments like
  • IT,
  • Research and business development,
  • Tender department,
  • Training department
  • and many more.

In order to strengthen and enhance our activities to meet the ever increasing challenges of growing competition in the health sector. We know, we are in competition with big giants in the line, but they are the history and MMT is the future.

Negotiations are on with many world class manufacturers to add on many more lines of sophisticated, high tech medical products from all over the world. Negotiation are also underway to establish collaboration with manufacturers from all over the world in order to obtain the technique of manufacturing and the art of know-how to manufacture selected products locally to make them more economic and handy.

In tune with MMT ambitious plans of expansion, negotiation are at the final stage with a group of renounced business groups in the Kingdom for business collaboration/ association which, if capitalized will further boost its energy, accelerate its velocity, enrich its professional culture and enhance its capacity to serve its valued customers better.

Meet the Staff

Med Means Technical staff

Mr. FALEH ALI AL HARBI is currently the General Director of Med Means Trading,

a former Commercial Director of Al Harbi Holding Company (2006),

  • Executive Director Logistic Service – National Guard Health Affairs, KAMC (2004), Administrator, Logistic Service – King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (1999), Administrative Assistant and Acting Administrator, Logistic 1987) ,)King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center Manager, Cargo Department – King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center (1982),
  • Head of Supplies – Ministry of commerce Saudi Arabia (1968), Represent of the Kingdome of Saudi Arabia in many international Exhibition in Europe, Africa and Asia as Director of Saudi Arabia Exhibition.

    NABIL FALEH AL HARBI graduated with Sales and Marketing from the Institute of Public Administration is currently the Sales Manager of Med Means Trading. He is former Shares Broker in Al Rajhi Bank (2004). And under took on-job-training in Abbott Laboratories in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia(2003).

    RAVI MENON has over 18 years career spanning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by working in the medical field. A qualified commerce graduate from India and an Associate of the Institute of provisional Managers from UK since 1984. His expertise covers ranging from:

    - Equipping, installation and mobilization of new medical clinics and small hospitals both in private and government sectors.

    - Conducting strategy survey and how to structure and develop a feasibility study to be of maximum use any organization for medical projects.

    - Investment appraisal methodologies, evaluating appropriate technical know related to the medical disposable production.

    - Determining the size of the market and exploring its prospects and identifying the sources of market data.

    - Organize geographic distribution of target customer base and to develop the infrastructure for the sales and marketing of medical equipment and disposables.

    Source: MMT Website

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